Could Your House Be Giving You Lung Disease?

You Deserve Mold Free House

Imagine a world where you could prevent mold and get rid of musty odors at the push of a button and without using dangerous chemicals and expensive mold removal services.

My name is Dave Asprey and I remember in 1997 when I was living in California’s Central Valley with my parents when storms caused a levee to fail. Six feet of river water overran my parent’s home - and 1,000 others.

When the water receded in a few days, we worked in the house to try to save it. But my family paid a price with health we didn’t know about.

A “toxic mold” was found in a home that leads to the death of dog Muffin and caused ongoing health problems for the whole family.

I remember those countless days and thinking I wish I can do something about it.

Do These Symptoms Sound Familiar to You?

Muscle weakness
Tingling feelings and restless legs
New food allergies (especially to gluten and dairy)
Chronic sinus infections or strep throat
Lightheadedness and vertigo
Abdominal pain and new Crohn’s disease
Extremely poor memory
Incredible thirst
Metallic taste in the mouth
Headache and migraine
Intense need to urinate without a full bladder
Sudden change in electrostatic discharge when you touch things
Frequent nosebleeds and unexplained bruising
Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
Worsening of nearly every neurodegenerative and autoimmune disease
Excessively stiff joints and muscle pain
Rheumatoid arthritis and gout


This lead to serious health problems such as:

  • Aspergillosis, an infection that causes chest pain and trouble breathing
  • Pneumonia, where you get swelling in the air sacs of your lungs
  • Pneumonitis, where your immune system attacks your lung cells and causes swelling
  • Allergies
  • Asthma

Ref: WebMD

CDC Report Says mold can cause various illnesses and diseases such as Cancer. It looks much more dangerous than ever imagine.

Mold isn’t just from flooding but it can grow in our food, especially grains and fermented foods like coffee.

I really wanted a solution that helps this world with mold which is more natural and easy to use.

Recently, I discovered the perfect solution from Homebiotic that makes a beneficial environmental probiotic bacteria that eats toxic mold as a fuel source. I use it as a preventative in my home and anywhere I have a water leak. Not only this, when I discovered this was possible, I funded the company to make aware of this major health issue.

30,000+ Homebiotic users have a secret weapon against mold, mildew, and musty odors. Now you can get the same defense for your home.


Clinically researched & tested:

  • - Restores the balance of healthy bacteria to your home
  • - Helps prevent the growth of mold & mildew
  • - Helps eliminate the cause of musty odors
  • - Reduces use of chemical products and air fresheners

There’s a clear winner in the fight against toxic mold.


Homebiotic was tested to the toughest mold test available - the ASTM D-3273 Mold Prevention Standard - by an independent accredited microbiology lab. In this test, Homebiotic successfully prevented mold growth on our test samples, while the untreated samples were completely consumed by mold growth!


Wondering If Homebiotic Would Work For You?

Here Are Few Of Our Thousands Of Success Stories:

Lesley Pedraza

"I just wanted to thank you for this amazing product! I am extremely sensitive to mold and no matter what I have done I haven't been able to banish it from my home and car. I have sprayed your product in all the weird places like my a/c, my car vents, etc and nothing smells like mold anymore. Thank you!"

Joseph Torbert

"I love this stuff! In MN the winters are horrible with no humidity outside. Our windows unavoidably get wet at the bottom of the frame as we use a whole house humidifier. I usually clean the windows with vinegar often, but it always comes back. I just thought there wasn’t a solution. After using Homebiotic the mold did not return. What a great product! Thank you!"

Mary Sanders

"We used this product to remove the mould from our Westfalia roof and it worked great! A way better alternative to using bleach!"

Safe for Humans and Pets

Absolutely! Homebiotic contains only purified water and natural probiotic bacteria from healthy soil, which each have years of study and are completely safe for humans and pets.

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